Coral Ridge Country Club Estates

Coral Ridge Fort Lauderdale home sales are in demand. As a resident of Coral Ridge Country Club Estates (CRCCE), I like to keep a constant tab on what’s going on with our local real estate values. In 2015, we bought a 1961 mid-century home on 41st Street, restoring & modernized it while falling in love with this location, our beautiful home, and our neighbors – unfortunately, we are selling.

This snapshot below shows us sales & trends on how our Coral Ridge (& CRCCE) community is doing regarding our housing demand and current 2020 market values. For a contrast comparison from other months prior, click here for a CRCCE summary.

If you’d like to discuss our community or the information provided below, don’t hesitate to reach out via email, NextDoor, or our front door. Or you may call me at 954.998.3098.

Neighborhood Spotlight Coral Ridge & Country Club Estates

Coral Ridge & CRCCE Area Homes (Statistics via GFLR Matrix)

  • 67 Active Homes for Sale
  • $1.3M Median Asking Price
  •  $432 Median Asking LP$/PSF

Coral Ridge Fort Lauderdale Home Sales

Total # Homes SOLD | Median Sale Price | Median Sale Price Per Square Foot | Average Days On Market

Coral Ridge Homes for Sale | Coral Ridge Homes Recently Sold

  • 2020 (YTD) – 42 Homes Sold |  $861,250 M$/SP |  $387 SP$/PSF | 103 DOM (4% Appreciation)
  • 2019 – 246 Homes Sold |  $1,016,250 M$/SP |  $373 SP$/PSF | 137 DOM (13% Appreciation)
  • 2018 – 220 Homes Sold |  $732,500 M$/SP | $326 SP$/PSF | 91 DOM (11% Appreciation)
  • 2017 – 204 Homes Sold | $661,500 M$/SP | $290 SP$/PSF | 106 DOM (11% Depreciation)
  • 2016 – 151 Homes Sold | $750,000 M$/SP | $317 SP$/PSF | 119 DOM (17% Appreciation)
  • 2015 – 214 Homes Sold | $609,500 M$/SP | $264 SP$/PSF | 85 DOM (6% Appreciation)
  • 2014 – 198 Homes Sold | $623,750 M$/SP | $247 SP$/PSF | 97 DOM (9% Appreciation)
  • 2013 – 207 Homes Sold | $515,000 M$/SP | $226 SP$/PSF | 95 DOM (6% Appreciation)
  • 2012 – 190 Homes Sold | $532,000 M$/SP | $213 SP$/PSF | 122 DOM (8% Appreciation)
  • 2011 – 174 Homes Sold | $450,000 M$/SP | $196 SP$/PSF | 131 DOM

Coral Ridge Fort Lauderdale Home Sales (TrendGraphix 3-Year Trends)

Coral Ridge Fort Lauderdale Home Sales

Home For Sale in February 2020: 164 units.

Down 5.7% compared to last month
Down 27.1% compared to last year

Home Closed in February 2020: 21 units.

Down 4.5% compared to last month
Up 23.5% compared to last year

Home Placed under Contract in February 2020: 32 units.

Up 18.5% compared to last month
Up 10.3% compared to last year
Coral Ridge Fort Lauderdale Home Selling price per square foot

Average Sold Price per Square Footage in February 2020: $539

Up 36.8% compared to last month
Up 54.4% compared to last year

*Buyer’s market: more than 6 months of inventory based on closed sales
Seller’s market: less than 3 months of inventory based on closed sales
Neutral market: 3 – 6 months of inventory based on closed sales

Coral Ridge Fort Lauderdale Home Sales Summary

Coral Ridge Fort Lauderdale home sales are clearly in demand this year. Whether you’re seeking the ultimate waterfront estate, coastal home with tremendous value, a stunning trophy penthouse, land for development, off-market & investment opportunities, new construction, bulk investment sales, or relocation assistance, I’ll have it customized and ready for you.

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